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Premier At Home Program
Premier At Home Program

Bluewater District School Board is pleased to continue to support the Premier AT Home program for our students and parents/caregivers. Premier Literacy has a suite of digital reading and writing computer programs that are used with students in Bluewater. These programs continue to be updated and available at Bluewater Schools and the Premier AT Home license allows access to these computer software programs for student and parent/caregiver use AT HOME.
NOTE: the only limitation is that the computer must be owned by a student who attends a BWDSB school or by a paren/caregiver of a student.

These software programs can have your computer read a favourite web page, email, homework, or even read a book. The programs Universal Reader , Talking Word Processor and Worksheet Wizard are favourites in schools. There is also a program on the site that will convert documents into audio files so they can be played on a MP3 player. Other programs include a talking dictionary, a pdf manipulator and many more.

To get more information regarding the Premier Literacy Tools visit the following website:

When you get to the web page-log in to the website
Type in the following

User name: bluewater
Password: family
(these are case sensitive)