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Program Description
Elementary Placement
The Pursuits program is a four-credit integrated leadership program designed for academic level students in grades 11 or 12. The program runs for an entire semester and is taught by two teachers. Students enrolled in the program may receive credits in exercise science, food and nutritional science, fitness leadership and co-operative education.

At present, the program runs in the fall semester only. The course is designed for students who are active and have an interest in leadership and health science. There is a course fee for the program which covers the expenses of numerous out-of-school learning opportunities. Students are asked to see their Student Services advisor for more information and an application form. A parent and student information CD is also available from Student Services.
Pursuits students are taught skills that allow them to effectively lead younger students. Once a week, each Pursuits student spends four hours in a local elementary school. They design an activity plan which gets students moving during recess, and they assist teachers during physical education classes. During elementary lunch breaks, Pursuits students apply their knowledge of nutrition by creating healthy eating activities for younger students.
During these placements, Pursuits students keep a portfolio of their lesson plans, reflective journals, teaching strategy research, and teacher evaluations.
The Pursuit students are a welcome addition to our school. They are role models who interact enthusiastically with our students and staff. Our students are excited when they arrive and are eager to participate in the activities they have planned. This partnership has been very successful in encouraging our kids to be active.-Elementary school teacher
Pursuits students are given a variety of opportunities to apply leadership principles in real-world settings. Examples include being the leader-of-the-week for the class, coordinating all aspects of a day on a field trip, leading a skill session for the rest of the class, being placed in an elementary school leading nutritional and outdoor activities, organizing and instructing the Kids in Motion sport league, and leading activities for learning disabled students at an outdoor centre. These opportunities foster an understanding of the responsibilities of leadership and the rewards of community service.
Students face intellectual, social, and physical challenges to develop the strength and discipline they need to successfully adapt to a dynamic and changing world.
Intellectual: Pursuits leaders learn a demanding curriculum in the areas of health science, physical education and leadership. They apply problem solving, managerial and organizational skills to real-world situations while juggling the demands of leadership placements, extracurricular activities, field trips, community service, and academics.
Social: They experience a variety of leadership and group situations where they develop knowledge and skills in group dynamics, interpersonal relations, committee structure, event organization, and effective communication.
Physical: Students face the challenges of outdoor recreational pursuits as well as fitness and nutritional training which foster a lifelong appreciation of health and well-being.
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Adventure is an attitude that Pursuits students apply to the daily challenges presented to them in the program. By facing these challenges and testing their resources against the unknown, they discover their own unique potential.
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This discovery may happen during a wolf howl deep in Haliburton Forest, leading a group of grade two students through a nutritional activity, sleeping in a snow cave during an outing they organized by themselves, or straining to reach the next hold on a 20 metre rock face. In the Pursuits program learning is the adventure.

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