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Welcome to the Georgian Bay Community School Music Program website, based out of Meaford Ontario, on beautiful Georgian Bay.  The G.B.C.S. Music program has a tradition of musical excellence and enthusiasm.  Our school population is 375, but almost 33% of all students are involved in our program.  The courses offered at G.B.C.S. are designed to both challenge and inspire young musicians.  A strong theory component, mixed with technical studies and reputable repertoire, are key ingredients to building stronger musicianship. We offer courses that cover all orchestral instruments, including brass, woodwinds, percussion and strings, and our extra-curricular program is one of the most exciting in Grey-Bruce County. The performing arts are essential for developing self-discipline, building self-confidence, problem solving, and teamwork. These are values that will enhance the lives of our students long after they leave our high school.

A HUGE "THANK YOU" THE BLUE MOUNTAIN FOUNDATION AND THE MEAFORD APPLE HARVEST CRAFT SHOW FOR THEIR GENEROUS DONATIONS!!  Community support is always so greatl appreciated, and these two groups have stepped forward to ensure that our instrument inventory and our audio/video productions are of the highest quality to ensure a solid education for our students.  A miilions thank yous!!

* to create a learning environment that is positive and inspiring for all students.
* to promote self-discipline, teamwork, and a solid work ethic.
* to demonstrate model citizenship by being musically active in the greater community.
* to perform every note, every piece, every concert, every year, to the best of our abilities.

Courses Offered at G.B.C.S.
AMW10I  –  Gr. 9 Band      (woodwinds, brass, percussion)
AMS1OI   –  Gr. 9 Strings   (violin, viola, cello, upright bass, no guitar)
AMW2OI  – Gr. 10 Band
AMS2OI   –  Gr. 10 Strings
AMW3OI  – Gr. 11 Band
AMS3OI   –  Gr. 11 Strings
AMW4UI  – Gr. 12 Band
AMS4UI   –  Gr. 12 Strings



2017:  CONGRATULATIONS  to Aidan McDiarmid as "Music Student of the Year".   Your endless hours of work was truly appreciated!


This ensemble is designed as our beginner-level orchestra for students who are enrolled in Grades 9 and 10.  However, do not let the term “beginner level” fool you.  This ensemble encourages students to perform advanced repertoire at a young age, thus encouraging them to push their musical abilities to new heights.  As our largest orchestra, this group has received numerous awards and accolades from various music competitions and performances. Band instruments and strings instruments unite to create a powerful ensemble, one that is both professional and fun!

Rehearsals: Wednesdays at lunch (11:50am – 12:30pm)



This orchestra is the backbone of the G.B.C.S. Music Program.  For decades this orchestra has performed at a gold-medal level, and they have wowed audiences wherever they perform.  Members of this orchestra are usually in Grades 11 and 12, but several students in Gr. 10 and 9 also perform with this ensemble.  They maintain a strong reputation by performing music from the Classical era, as well as selections from Broadway and the silver screen.  

Rehearsals: Thursday nights (7:00pm – 8:30pm)

                                            Senior Orch.jpg

Originally started in 1999, this ensemble is the most active and the most ‘rockin’ of all of our ensembles.  With its blazin’ brass section, smokin’ saxophone line-up, and rock solid rhythm section, the GBCS Jazz Ensemble leaves a memorable impression on every audience.  The repertoire will take you all the way back to the glory days of New Orleans, or it will introduce you to some modern standard that will have your toes tapping.  The Jazz Ensemble is open for all students, regardless of what grade you are in.

Rehearsals: Fridays at lunch (11:50am – 12:30pm)

                                     jazz band.jpg
The G.B.C.S. Music Council is a hard-working, dedicated team of students who make the Music Program a success.  They are approachable and dependable.  If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to ask a member of Music Council.

Co-Presidents –  Meagan Crawford & Katie Stewart
Secretary - Jesse Marshall
Librarians - Mira Woodhouse, Tashi Eaton, Amelia Johannesson, Michelle Visser
Equipment Managers -  Max Breadner, Max Woodburn, Cam Toth, Ben Hallman, Michael Gropp, Spencer Book
Publicity -  Atticus Russwurm, Clara Pretli, Connor Almond
Treasurer -  Julia Gropp
Tech Crew -  Jackson Nicholls, Brayden DeWitt, Josh Haigh, Brendan Haigh, Ben Wansbrough, Aris Bynoe, Emory Shisko, Aidan Matukas, Devin Gillman, Nolan Underhill
Reporter - Olivia Pfeiffer
Mr./Mrs. Clean - Olivia May, Abbey Dunlop
Senators -  Owen Kearns

This group was founded in March of 2006 with one goal in mind: to tour Europe and perform music at an unprecedented level.  Forty-three students from G.B.C.S. were involved in this orchestra, as well as three students from Owen Sound. The Euro Orchestra was a highly disciplined, highly motivated group that performed at an advanced level.  Challenging repertoire and demanding rehearsals were all apart of their mandate. Talented and diverse, this group traveled on a 10-day tour of Great Britain in May of 2007, a tour that lead them to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool and London.

Each year the G.B.C.S. Music Program plans a major trip that focuses on musical performance and musical education.  The trip
traditionally takes place during the May long-weekend.  If you ask our graduates what they remember most about high school,
almost every music grad will say “the trip!”.

*        2000 – Boston
*        2001 – Quebec City
*         2002 – Chicago
*          2003 – Montreal/Toronto
*        2004 – Washington D.C.
*        2005 – New York City
*          2006 – Boston
*        2007 – Cleveland & Great Britain  (Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool, London)
*          2008 - Philadelphia
*          2009 - Washington D.C.
*          2010 - Chicago
*          2011 - New York City
*             2012 - Boston
*             2013 - Toronto
*             2014 - Washington
*             2015 - Chicago
*             2016 - New York City
*               2017 - Boston
*             2018 - WASHINGTON D.C.!!!

Candids by Karen Dykstra_-307.jpg

Boston 2012                                                                                       New York 2011                                                                                         Washington 2009

eDSC07799.jpg20060519-298asdafs.jpgPlaying in NYC2.jpg
Philadelphia 2008                                                                                                                              Boston 2006                                                                                      New York City 20005

2001 Quebec group.bmpIMG100090.jpg
Quebec City 2001                                                                                         Glasgow, Scotland 2007

Do you love live music?  
Do you love music from all different genres?  
Do you love coffee?  
Then we have a treat for you!

Each month (or so), the G.B.C.S. Music Program hosts the famous Viking Den Coffee House; an evening of live music, poetry and caffeine!  The show runs from 7pm to 9pm at a cost of only $5.  What is the purpose of our Coffee House?  To encourage musicians to perform publicly in an atmosphere that is both positive and supportive.   Coffee Houses are open to students of all ages, and to community members as well.  It operates on what is known as an ‘open-mic’ policy.  There is no set program, no set itinerary; just bring your guitar, or your band, or your poetry, and sign up!   Not interested in performing?  Great! Feel free to sit back, relax, and enjoy the great live music.  

DSC_0500.jpg  IMG_7199.jpg  max18.jpg  IDOL4.jpg

Each year, the G.B.C.S. Music Program hosts the “Music Clinic Weekend” where dozens of professional musicians from across Ontario come to our
school to work with our students. In the morning, students work in small groups, focusing on technique and musicianship with a private instructor.  
Then in the afternoon, all of the students assemble under the direction of a guest conductor.  Here they focus on teamwork, group skills, balance and
blend.  After the clinic, the students stay at the school to enjoy an evening of sporting events, games, movies and memories!  Some students believe
that this is the best part of the entire weekend!


_MG_11956.jpg _MG_22002.jpg  DSC_11333.jpg


     music school tour 2015 (121 of 128).jpg  Jocelyn11.jpg  Abby7.jpg

 IMG_7600.jpg  DSC_0638.jpg IMG_2604.jpg  IMG_9800.jpg DSC_0761.jpg_DSC0039.jpgChicago4.jpgEurope1.jpg

Washington4.jpgOrchestra27.jpgJazz Ensemble7.jpgOrchesetra21.jpg
192015_124257_2.jpgIDOL4.jpgCoffee House3.jpgIDOL1.jpg

Patrick Delaney – Instrumental Teacher/Conductor   Delaney.jpg

Patrick Delaney has been the music teacher at Georgian Bay Community School since October 1999.  Originally from Brockville Ontario, Patrick is a graduate of Queen’s University where he obtained his Bachelor of Music and his Bachelor of Education.  During his time at Queen’s, Patrick studied percussion, musical theatre and conducting primarily.  He was an active member of Queen’s Musical Theatre, and other theatre programs in Kingston.  Patrick is a passionate advocate for all performing arts and at G.B.C.S., Patrick conducts all of the extra-curricular ensembles, and he teaches music from Gr. 9 to 12.     

Melanie Johns – Staff Advisor/Accountant
Melanie Johns is the head of the Math Department at GBCS, but she also plays a vital role in the Music program as our staff advisor/accountant.  Melanie is a graduate of the Waterloo University Math program, and although she cannot hum a tune in a bucket, she is passionate supporter of the Arts.  Her work is greatly appreciated by everyone in the program.

There are several other teachers at GBCS who play huge roles in our day-to-day operations.   A special 'thank you' to Mr. Pretli, Ms. Major, Mr. Kearns.


The G.B.C.S. Music Program is always active with fund raising campaigns.  

1)      November – Fudge Sales
2)      December  – Christmas Concert
3)      June – Spring Concert

Fundraising is used to help support the ever-growing cost of instrument repair, instrument purchasing, general supplies and sheet music, as well as scholarships.  Donations are always accepted!  To donate, contact Patrick Delaney at .

Each year, the G.B.C.S. Music Program participates in the annual Kiwanis Music Festival in Owen Sound.  All of our ensembles have enjoyed a solid history of success and musical excellence.  It is a tradition that we are very proud of.

Kiwanis Music Festival
  * 2002 – Gold Medal:       Senior Orchestra, Intermediate Orchestra
  * 2003 – Gold Medal:       Senior Orchestra
                Silver Medal:     Intermediate Orchestra
  * 2004 – Gold Medal:       Senior Orchestra, Intermediate Orchestra
  * 2005 – Gold Medal:       Senior Orchestra, Intermediate Orchestra
  * 2006 – Gold Medal:       Senior Orchestra, Intermediate Orchestra
  * 2007 – Gold Medal:       Senior Orchestra, Intermediate Orchestra, Euro Orchestra
  * 2008 - Gold Medal:        Senior Orchestra, Intermediate Orchestra
   * 2009 - Gold Medal:        Senior Orchestra, Intermediate Orchestra   (*note: Sr. Orchestra was invited to compete at Provincials!)
  * 2010 - Gold Medal:        Senior Orchestra, Intermediate Orchestra   (*note: Sr. Orchestra was invited to compete at Provincials!)
  * 2011 - Gold Medal:        Senior Orchestra, Intermediate Orchestra
  * 2012 - Gold Medal:        Senior Orchestra, Intermediate Orchestra    (*note: BOTH Sr. Orchestra & Intermediate Orchestra were invited to compete at Provincials!)
  * 2013                               - Kiwanis Canceled due to weather.
  * 2014 - Gold Medal:        Senior Orchestra, Intermediate Orchestra    (*note: Intermediate Orchestra was invited to compete at Provincials!)
  * 2015  - Gold Medal:        Senior Orchestra, Intermediate Orchestra    (*note:  Senior was invited to compete at Provincials!)
  * 2016  - Gold Medeal:       Intermediate Orchestra
                - Silver Medal:      Senior Orchestra
  * 2017  - Gold Medal:       Intermediate Orchestra, Senior Orchestra

Awards & Scholarships

“Above & Beyond” Each year, several awards are presented to student who rise “above and beyond the call of duty”.  
This year, the award winners are:  Aidan McDiarmid, Esther Visser, Josh Haigh

“Commencement Awards”The G.B.C.S. Graduation Ceremony happens every June, and at this event, we take the time to honour several music students who have contributed greatly to the success of our program.  Several of these scholarships/awards have been created by local businesses, to which we are very grateful.  This year, the awards winners are:  Spencer Book, Tashi Eaton, Pablo Pardavilla, Ashley Sinclar, Josh Haigh, Jackson Nicholls, Hanna Johannesson, Orillia Russwurm, Aidan McDiarmid, Michelle Wright, Quinn McHugh & Esther Visser

“Music Student of the Year”This award is granted annually to the student who, according to their peers, represents the morals,
 values and spirit of the G.B.S.S. Music Program.  
2005 - Holly VanAlstine
2006 - Colin Park
2007 - Chelsea Randall
2008 - Scott Gordon
2009 - Gianna Reinders
2010 - Steven Osborne
2011 - Jordan Reinders
2012 - Bethany Jones
2013 - Jordan Hebbert
2014 - Victoria McMurchy
2015 - James Allen
2016 - Jocelyn Smith

2016 - AIDAN McDIARMID!  Congratulations!

Are you a graduate of the G.B.C.S. Music Program?  If so, we want to hear from you!  Drop us a line and tell us what you are up to.
Contact Patrick Delaney at at any time.

REUNION ORCHESTRA 2020!!!!!!!!!!
Calling all music graduate from 2000-Present - we need you!  We are hosting "Music Alumni Weekend" in 2020.  The plan is to pull out the instruments and dust off our skills on the Saturday, followed by a nice dinner and social evening at a local restaurant.  Then, the next day the Alumin Orchestra would perform at our annual Spring Concert.  What fun!!!   Soon we will start tracking down over 500 music graduates and planning the activities for the entire weekend.  This is going to be a blast!   

[Image:4.jpg][Image:DSC_7823.jpg] [Image:2012-05-25 Battle of the Bands 150.jpg]

Are you currently enrolled in Gr.8 and you are considering the possibility of joining the G.B.C.S. Music Program?
Then you have come to the right place!

High school is a place to build friendships and memories, and there is no better place to do that than right here, in the G.B.C.S. Music Program.  
From Coffee Houses to classes, from trips to clinics, this program offers something for everyone.  

Frequently Asked Questions:
What classes do Gr. 8 students sign up for?
Most Grade 8 students from Meaford sign up for the Gr. 9 Strings course, and the Grade 8 students from Thornbury sign up for the Gr. 9 Band course.

What if I don’t like strings and I want to learn a band instrument, or vice versa?
That’s ok!  Both of the Gr. 9 courses start from the very beginning, as if you have never had musical training.  Any student who wishes to
switch instruments, this is your opportunity!  However, that being said, you are now learning a new instrument, in a classroom with kids
who have been playing for 3 years.  You will have lots of work ahead of you in order to catch up!

What is the difference between high school music and elementary school music?
A lot!!  For starters, the Grade 9 classes run for 75 minutes, every day.  That means, in the month of September alone, you will have had over
1500 minutes of instructional time!  Most Grade 9 students find that by the end of the Gr. 9 course, they are playing and performing at a level
that they never knew would be possible.  We also incorporate music theory, listening, composition and much, much more into our curriculum.

What extra-curricular groups can I join when I arrive at G.B.C.S.?
Most Grade 8s sign up for Intermediate Orchestra when they arrive in September.  It is a large orchestra, with almost 100 musicians in it.  
They play music that is both challenging and entertaining.  

Do I have to own an instrument to be in Music?
No. G.B.C.S. has dozens of good quality instruments on hand for you to play.  They are in excellent condition, and many of them have come to
us as a result of our successful fundraising campaigns.

Is there homework in Music?
Absolutely.  It’s the famous “p” word – practice!  We expect each student to practice 10 minutes a night, and we keep track of their practice
routines through various log books.  Music theory and other assignments will also make their way home in time.

Each year, the G.B.C.S. Music Program relies on the help and support of so many individuals, groups and businesses.  The people listed on this site deserve a big hug from all of us at G.B.C.S.!

Bill MacDonald
Bill's Valumart
The Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts
Meaford Apple Harvest Craft Show
Hewgill Bus Lines
Audrey & Dave Macdonald
Monica Wolf & The Ravenna General Store
Meaford & Thornbury Rotary Clubs
Meaford Legion
Meaford Hall & Culture Foundation
The Meaford Express
Kiwanis Club of Meaford
Binkley Apples
Chapman Icecream
Scotia Bank Meaford
The Meaford Goldenaires
Laurie & Judy Hill
Dave & Jayne Randall
Melanie Kearns - music teacher @ BVCS
Sandy Pedlar - elementary music teacher @ GBCS
Georgian Bay Symphony
Richard Mascall
Keira McArthur
Sweetwater Music Festival
Lou Currah - instrument repairs
Thornbury-Clarksburg Rotary Club
Thornbury-Clarksburg Legion

Phone:   (519) 538-1680
Fax:        (519) 370-2920

Mailing Address:           125 Eliza Street
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