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Contact Us!

125 Eliza Street
(519) 538-1680
Meaford, Ontario
(519) 370-2920
N4L 1A4
GBC Mail  [General Mailbox]
Please do not request transcripts via this email address.  Contact the school by phone.

Kathy Archer, Principal

Sherri Page,  Office Manager
Sharon Playter, Office Professional
Patricia Stevens, Office Professional
Kait Harron, Office Professional
Miranda Shearer, Office Professional

Fran Morgan
(519) 986-2731

Community Education:
For Community Use of Schools permits, Community Education programming including Beginner Driver Education, ESL, General Interest, Adult Credit and Summer School, please visit - Community Education or telephone 519-363-2014 or 1-800-661-7509 and ask to speak with Kris Klages
Dwayne Moore, Head Custodian
Dennis Beckerley, Assistant Head Custodian
Lori Trudgeon, Assistant Head Custodian

Educational Assistants:
Jennifer Boyd-Dorgelo
Lisa DeCaire
Lisa Lawson
Keith Morton
Lisa Thacker
Sarah Traynor
Wayne Whitfield


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